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Your App's Journey
and Craftsmanship

Our agency prioritizes building apps that are not only visually appealing but also user-centric. We merge design and development to create innovative solutions tailored for your audience.

Platform Assessment


Understanding where your app will be deployed is crucial. Whether iOS, Android, or cross-platform, we assess the best environment for your application, ensuring it reaches your target audience.

UI/UX Design


The essence of any app lies in its user experience. We create designs that are intuitive, engaging, and tailored to provide a seamless user journey, ensuring user retention and satisfaction.

Development & Testing


Our development phase is rigorous, adopting best practices to ensure the app's functionality is top-notch. Coupled with thorough testing, we ensure your app is bug-free and ready for launch.

Deployment & Support


Once your app is ready, we assist in its deployment to app stores. But our relationship doesn't end there. We offer post-launch support, ensuring your app remains updated and relevant.

Innovative pricing
for innovative solutions

At our agency, we have a unique approach to pricing, we offer monthly packages or per-project payments, tailoring solutions to your needs.

Employing a senior-level designer full-time now comes with a price tag of over $100,000 annually, not to mention added benefits.
Moreover, consistent work might not always be available, leading to instances where you're compensating them even during idle times.

Opting for the monthly subscription offers flexibility, and is cheaper and more reliable than hiring full-time employees.

You have the option to activate or suspend your subscription based on your workload, ensuring you're only billed when there's actual work for the developer/designer.

Basic package

Per month, one request at a time.
Perfect for small to medium sized businesses.
Pause at any time.

Standard package

Per month, two requests at a time.
Perfect for medium sized businesses.
Pause at any time.

Pro package

Per month, three requests at a time.
Perfect for medium sized business to enterprises.
Pause at any time.

Enterprise package

Starting at 29995 month
Full designer/developer team at your exposal.
For enterprises.
Pause at any time.

Custom / per-project package

Payment determined per project.
Best option for large projects or custom solutions.